Welcome to Pandit Shrikrishna Shastri Ji
Shastri Sri Krishna Thapliyal Ji is an acclaimed astrologer having experience of 26 years in this field is recognized for his predictions and consultancy to day-today problems by Horoscope Reading. He has an exceptional knowledge in the field of Astrology, Numerology and a Vaastu Expert. Background: Born in a small village in Augustmuni (Chamoli), Uttrakhand. With his dedication and hard work, he has completed graduation and acquired the degree of Shastri and started his carrer as an Astrologer. He is practising Astrology from last 26 years (Since 1990). He has written two spiritual books as below:
1) Awaj aur Awahan – An article
2) Mrityu aur Jagran - Book

We follow the principles of Vedic Dharma in performing Poojas, Havan, Yagna, Vratas. Our ritual services are based on providing peace, happiness, wealth, health, devotional and spiritual knowledge and prosperity.
With lots of stressful events, tensions and worries that goes around every day, our website has been specifically developed to provide ritual services which relax your heart and mind. We provide the following key ritual services.

Rituals or Shodash Sanskara
We perform major rituals that include the Shant Vidhi, Namkaran Sanskar or naming ceremony, Nava Graha Shant, Shubh Vivah or marriage ceremony, Vangnischaya or Sakharpude or engagement, thread ceremony or Maunji Bandhan, Annaprashan, Mundan, Vastu Shant, Janan Shant etc.We have Indian Astrologer who can do match making, Kundli making and solve your all problems.

Puja stands for religious rituals performed by the Hindus on a wide variety of occasions. Pujas to Gods, Gurus are common among Hindus. This is to shower respect and to pray to the God, Gods or any Guru. The main purpose of every puja is to perform rituals that help people to communicate to the divine or guru and to keep this thread of relationship or continuity between the physical world and the inner worlds.

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